Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A seemingly inevitable, but unfortunate event.

The loud frightened gasps disturbed the quiet Sunday morning air. That moment each one of them shared the same thought, and chills ran up and down the seven rigid spines that trailed Louis the Horse. Patches the Dog (who enigmatically had no patches in his pitch-black coat) spotted the little thing first. Bert's eyes glanced down at it, causing his hands to tighten on Louis's reigns. Frank, seated next to Bert, and a pessimist at heart, had already resigned himself to the terrible event that was about to ensue. Mary, together with her pet koala, froze at the thought, and Elizabeth tried to shield little Louise from the inevitable bloodshed.
Each one of them, including Charles the Koala (who was notoriously short-sighted), had spotted the tiny little puppy precariously ambling by Louis's left leg, and their thoughts jumped simultaneously to Louis's blinders, his clumsy and graceless tread, and how to wash blood out of pristenely white fur.

'Old Junier's Cart'
Henri Rousseau

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