Saturday, August 1, 2009

No no, it wouldn't do.

He, a high ranking army officer. She, a scarecrowette with luscious, if somewhat dry, golden hair. It was a case of forbidden love, for while they could meet among the reeds or deep within the forest, it simply wouldn't do to rendezvous without the cover of tree trunks and thick foliage. "No no, it wouldn't do", said he, caressing her strawy hair, while she searched his army eyes for a commitment that simply wasn't there.

Henri Rousseau, "Rendezvous in the Forest"

A frightfully original, trendy individual.

"I," Monsieur X began to lisp, "am my own inthpirathion!" His pinky ring and fez indeed gave the appearance of a frightfully original trendy individual. Yet for the inquisitive and independent eye, such as mine, it was plain to see that his distinctive little moustache was quite blatantly plagiarized from his constant companion, a cat. This cat, I began to suspect, was the real source of Monsieur X's notorious sense of fashion...

Henri Rousseau, "Portrait of Monsieur X"